Hair styles which hide features are detrimental. Registration Opens: Monday, October 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM ET Professional Registration Deadline: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET Auditionees Notified of Screening Results: Professional Auditions. Need based grants will be offered. No video is required. Formats allowed are MP4, MOV, and AVI file formats. Resumes and videos will be open for an extended period of time and your registration fee will allow you to view these files for one (1) year and it includes a membership to our organization. The application deadline is extended to February 1, 2021! Please follow the directions above very carefully! If there are slots open, Alternates will have 5 business days within which to secure their audition with the necessary payment. This year, the 55th annual Theatre Auditions will be held virtually. Choose your selections carefully -- producers have expressed displeasure with audition monologues that are overtly political, violent or obscene. Your video will be reviewed by NETC staff for length and audition criteria ONLY. & Conservatory Reps – Virtual 2020, Middle School/Youth Theatre – Virtual 2020, SETC Professional Screening Auditions – 2020, ETC Professional Screening Auditions (Applications). Applicants must be college students or adults, 18 & older. What about callbacks? Its recommended that application/uploads are not started until all info required is ready to be completed and uploaded. Musical pieces should be accompanied by piano or keyboard only – either live or piano-only track. 32 The Play Read an excerpt from 28 Light Years From Now, the 2020 winner of the Charles M. Getchell New Play Award, given by SETC to recognize a worthy new … Please frame your body in the audition video from the knees up. The deadline to register has been extended until November 24, 2020 – Nationwide. ABOUT THE AUDITION TYPES. Event information for the 2020 SETC Spring Professional auditions being held in Louisville, KY. Los Angeles Auditions On-going audition appointments can be made at the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Auditionee Qualification To participate in these auditions, persons may apply either directly to SETC as a Professional who makes a significant amount of his or her income as an actor, or as an Emerging Artist. All video auditions (emerging and professional actors alike) will be screened and scored as they have in the past using new refined scoring available through SETC’s Open Water Application software. These will be placed in a featured section on our website which producers will be able to peruse. All applicants will require a video to be uploaded. The SETC Registration Desk opens a half-hour early (7:30 – 8:00 am) to serve only Professional Auditionees so Do not state your name or the piece you are performing. Casting for the 2021 SETC Professional Spring virtual Auditions. Auditions are open to college students and adults, 18 and older. Carefully complete all sections with your most up-to-date information that best highlights your skills and range of talents. The annual SETC Convention brings over 5,000 members of our theatre community together for three and a half days of workshops, keynotes, performance festivals, auditions, college recruiting, job interviews, and more. There is a special $75 rate to submit two applications, which will include two separate videos. SETC Professional Screening Auditions – 2020; 2019 FTC Highlights; FTC Newsletter; Equity, Diversity & Access Resources; FTC Membership; In Memoriam With our new, virtual format, you will have the ability to log into our site beginning February 15 to view the applications, videos, and technical resumes. All Auditionees will be required to upload a 60-second video audition that is self-taped with phone or in-home equipment (no professional studio tapes and without the benefit of editing), and within these guidelines: Time limit is 60 seconds for all auditions and can include acting, singing, or both (in either order). Acting Only should prepare two brief contrasting monologues. Preparing early and getting applications in early will be important. The $20 fee, per video, will be added to your cart. NETC would like to announce that in 2021 we are holding our annual theatre auditions virtually. This is a great year to apply because resumes and videos will be seen by a lot of producers and directors and they will be available online for up to one year. The video must not be longer than 2 minutes. Details WHAT: 2020 SETC Spring Professional Auditions WHEN: February 27-29, 2020 WHERE: Louisville, KY REGISTRATION: NOW OPEN! The maximum upload size for each video is 300MB. Live and pre-recorded music will be allowed. Schedule, Deadlines, & Fees. Musical Theatre and Non-Singing Performers A StrawHat audition package should be no longer than ninety seconds total and present two pieces: time and choose your material carefully.Song & Monologue auditions should consist of a brief musical selection and a monologue. Technical Registration. After the percentages have been applied and Auditionees are selected for advancement to live Spring Professional Auditions, the next highest scoring 200 Auditionee videos will be passed on to the Professional Companies for their review and opportunity to callback.

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