Venom Defense & Design AR-10, 2-Port Compensator: Venom Defense is a bit of an Instagram celebrity (page here), especially among the “machinist porn” crowd. In my subjective opinion doing a little shooting out in the woods, I did also find it slightly quieter with the correctly-bored end cap. Also, someone makes an extended birdcage but i dont know who. Armageddon Tactical CompTek Type I Compensator/Brake: Truly great machining and a flawless finish left me shocked when the CompTek refused to thread onto my rifle. Material: heat treated ordnance steel We noted the same thing in developing the BFD, that AR recoil impulses are mostly subjective, and often stem from other kit installed on the firearm and how and where it is placed. And there is the matter of reciprocating masses, which I realize, is a different, yet necessarily intwined matter. Terrific for the money and, for having more of a brake appearance, the J-Type is not a concussion beast. Thunder Beast Arms Corporation 223CB Muzzle Brake: Well if this isn’t the #1 surprise outperformer of the test, I don’t know what would be. At the risk of sounding crass or cheap, the table near the top of the article could have been a bit handier if it had a column for MSRP, allowing readers to quickly assess value. Review - Surefire Warcomp vs Surefire SF3P (pictures/video) I recently purchased a Surefire Warcomp 556-1/2-28 to replace the Surefire SF3P I currently have on my rifle. Mass is a legitimate way to reduce recoil and it absolutely is a factor. Do you often need flash hiding? I’d like to see the A2 birdcage listed in the charts as part of the baseline comparison. Seeing as how this is a new item, with little to no reviews, I figured some might find a review and comparison helpful. Weight: 2.665 oz Weight: 2.25 oz I don't think I have ever run an AR that didn't benefit - at least in follow-up shots - from some muzzle control device. Over 79% of the muzzle devices in the test cut recoil by half or more. Or at least a very competitive price. $163.99 + Compare; Add to Wishlist; Add to Cart Add. Anti-American scum. I might whine if it were my receiver, but I think the level of attention and care is totally fine for a muzzle brake. The tests aren’t exactly the same every time (test rig weight, angle, weather conditions, etc vary between tests). Length: 1.752″ $89.00. If you’re looking for the most recoil reduction possible at the lowest weight possible, then I suggest doing the maths for all the muzzle devices in the test (percentage divided by weight; e.g. No fear, and congrats on your first-, I second the vote for Faxon slim 3-port muzzle brake to be included in #4!!! In most muzzle devices that vent more gas/pressure upwards than downwards in order to effect a downwards force on the muzzle, it’ll be too much force for some shooters and too little for others. Great job dude, thanks for putting in the work. With the exception of shooting in a speed-related competition where I want the best brake possible, I shoot suppressed. Length: 2.503″ Length: 2.304″ That’s right. It’s big, angular, and has a lot of visual interest, looking particularly cool with its base tucked underneath an extended handguard. Considering the low concussion, decent recoil reduction, and quality machining and finish, it’s a good choice with or without a suppressor attached. I’m one of the guys who bought one of the brakes, and learned that I didn’t like them. Material: HTSR 416 stainless steel Also there is some interesting testing over here if you wanted to compare:, Your email address will not be published. Rotating the sleeve exposes different baffle core ports and changes the direction of the expanding gasses, including through the small muzzle rise control vent on top (can be enlarged with a drill, if desired). I’d love to see a comparison of brakes + blast shields, including the aforementioned Indian Creek Device (with several different brakes): Lantac Dragon + Blast Mitigation Device Well, considering I paid $22.99 of my own money for it I suppose that could be up for debate. When you’re ready for peace and quiet use the KeyMount brake to quickly attach your Sandman-L™, Sandman-S™, Sandman-K™, or KeyMo equipped Nomad-30 to your rifle. I’m looking to prevent the fast fire AK style of muzzle rise. I’d expect the percentage reduction numbers to change a bit but the muzzle devices to rank the same way compared to each other. Required fields are marked *. You should devote waaaaay more testing time to suppressor mount brakes from AAC, Surefire, SiCo Sig, Griffin, etc. A high-pressure poodle-shooting round made much louder with a brake, with little net gain for the shooter. Weight: 1.58 oz 1.25″ O.D. V Seven Weapon Systems V SEVEN Muzzle Brake: Okay so this is a first for me — a muzzle brake with a full-on, large port running one direction followed by another clocked 90° off from it. As a postscript to my last post, I will say that I can well imagine why you might be reluctant to consider doing the test I propose. baffles and/or gas ports, etc., but baffles definitely above all), it’s fine under CA law. Perhaps our old friend Gersh Kuntzman should have fired an AR with a muzzle brake, perhaps then the recoil wouldn’t have bruised his shoulder!! I’d basically choose the best-performing brake that’s compatible with a blast shield, and ensure that it’s a blast shield that can go on and off easily/quickly. You’ve done so much for us already. Length: 2.562″ MSRP: $109.95. I’ll be shooting it more this coming Sunday and hopefully publishing a review on it next week. Thanks. [Wts] 5/8x24 .30 cal muzzle devices; dead air key mount muzzle brake, Surefire Warcomp, Daniel Defense A2 flash hider [AL] Hello my peeps, I have some things for you to buy. would be interested in seeing the results of some brakes that have a shield, like the Surefire Warden, will it increase the recoil? As a Patron you can also get free stuff, join live streams, gain early access, and more. No idea what the finish is or what it looked like when new, but most of it’s still hanging in there despite the high mileage on this muzzle device. 11-06-2016, 06:49 AM. Machining is excellent, except for the wavy side edges (I’m assuming they should be dead straight) of those front “wings” above and below the III ports. How much downwards force is the right amount, though? It looks unique, but I’m not sure it has a real performance purpose other than kicking up dust if you’re shooting prone. They’d reduce recoil more if the baffles were angled rearwards, but the shooter would absolutely pay for it in more blast, concussion, and volume, and people understand that. My loaner sample was well used and abused, but it’s clear that it was machined with great precision and deburred and smoothed out afterwards. My local indoor range has five 100 yard rifle bays. If nothing else, it’s a really cool exercise in what can be done with extreme-precision manufacturing…although there still are a few little melty mistakes from the wire either at the start or end of its pass for most of the longitudinal grooves. Material: stainless steel MSRP: $99.99 Our Price: $85.00. This may appear awfully subtle, but a 21.55% recoil reduction really isn’t. Length: 2.595″ Weight: 4.868 oz 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Blend Men’s SureFire T-shirt, 50 / 50 Polyester Cotton Blend Men’s SureFire T-shirt, 7.62 mm /.308 Caliber Legacy Muzzle Brake & Suppressor Adapter, SOCOM Fast-Attach® Flash Hider / Suppressor Adapter for MP7, Legacy Flash Hider for 7.62 mm Rifles with 5/8-24 Muzzle Threads, Legacy Muzzle Brake for M4/M16/AR-15 with Barrels of 12.5 1) train to shoot from a more stable position/stance so the torso doesn’t get leaned back from recoil 2) hold the gun in a better location in the shoulder pocket or even over towards the pec — lower so the bore line (buffer tube line) is against the body instead of floating in air and 3) reduce rearwards recoil push, as it’s what’s actually causing the shooter to create “muzzle rise” from a gun that doesn’t inherently exhibit any. After the previous test report, I was considering a muzzle brake for my AR. . I did a scatter plot of recoil vs. price. Material: Inconel HS precision slim 3-port muzzlebrake You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here. With the .454 Casull, .500 S&W Magnum and similar calibers gaining in popularity, there’s a likely market for them…, EDIT – I realize a scope or rail would be required, iron sights would be out…. I’d want to know more (time for more research on our part) about chamber pressures and the associated potential bore pressure at “cork pop” as the projectile breaks the muzzle plane for any given caliber/barrel length (for example, 5.56 M855 has a chamber pressure approaching 58,000 psi, and a bore pressure at the “pop of the cork” at 16,000 psi for a 7.5″ barrel, 11,000 psi for a 10.5″ barrel, and 7,500 psi at 16″) You have no right to tell people what type of muzzle device they should not run at the GUN range just because it’s too loud or too harsh for YOU! They only way to know how really effective these would be, on controlling muzzle rise with real shooters would be to test them on a real shooter. Although that particular element of the law was struck down as it made “muzzle breaks” illegal rather then “muzzle brakes.”. This would remove variables that I do not like, but that I have also proven with various control tests to be very minor. Material: Copper alloy (as tested), also available in steel, titanium, and sometimes other metals I’m curious about the blast control/mitigation to see if they redirect the sound forward. This is another brake with no wrench flats, but Lilja sells a tool for torquing it down via one of the ports. The same can not be said if one is spotting for the M4-72 my cousin bought after the first test. It’s funny, but not functional. First, the core gets installed on the rifle. Inertia resists that rearwards acceleration, and adding mass increases inertia. How durable do you think the copper brake will be? It’s the shooter who makes that happen by leaning their torso back and/or allowing the gun to roll up their shoulder. First because it would cost half as much to run the identical but non-suppressor-accepting versions of the same brakes and second because once you have that suppressor I just don’t think it’s important to 99% of owners how the muzzle device performs without the can on it. In this tough competition it didn’t come within sight of the podium, but cutting recoil by more than half (55.52%) is still admirable. Venom Defense & Design AR-15, 3-Port Compensator: A copper alloy brake definitely looks pretty slick, and this one also happens to work. If you’ve always wanted a V12 on your rifle, look no further. Diameter (at largest point): 0.866″ This stock doesn’t sit into the strap at the rear as nicely as the one on the other lower does, so I felt it needed extra security to make sure it stayed totally consistent and the gun didn’t slide or shift on top of the sled at all. Dead Air Armament is all about bringing the best materials, manufacturing, and state-of-the-art designs to the firearms industry. I’m much happier than if I had spent $200 and got only similar results. Although it is simply a cosmetic issue, thread protectors really are not all that attractive. Less obvious is the Punisher’s muzzle rise compensation, which comes from the top slot between prongs starting sooner (closer to the muzzle) than the others, meaning gas and pressure will begin venting out of it first and providing a muzzle rise-reducing downwards force. Finish: bare Finish: raw That one seems to have taken over the PRS/NRL leagues. I don’t even believe “muzzle rise” exists in the AR platform as a function of the firearm itself but is, rather, completely caused by the shooter and to different degrees by different shooters, which is why you can’t properly compensate for it with a muzzle device unless it’s tunable for that (and some of them are!). Why are they not included in the second and third? No one online seems to have any. I’m very happy with it. Diameter (at largest point): 0.95″ Were it me, I'd go brake. It’s FUDS like you who want to tell others how to enjoy their firearms, who are the people I can not stand at the range. Actually, most of it is crisp and clean, but on the flat, recessed area on both top and bottom and the wrench flats at rear, there are obvious tool marks that are deep enough to be felt with a fingernail. +1. Thanks! This has to do with the downward thrust applying excess pressure to the sled causing greater friction, and in real world testing, the top ported brakes have terrible impact spacing during double tap drills. I used to be that macho idiot who could take severe noise. There’s no vertical muzzle rise on an AR15…. Again thanks for the videos and in depth reviews. This bad boy landed in third place, providing a whopping 72.93% reduction in recoil. My opinion is that if you’re using a muzzle brake on a firing line at a public range, you’re an asshole. Full auto, whatever, the muzzle won’t rise. I live in a state just like the one you mention. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. Unfortunately, I’m a slacker and this test is massively delayed from when I planned on running it, so Venom Defense’s designs have evolved a bit since. Out of stock. I picked up a rock river r3 competition upper whenever I built my AR a few years back. Material: steel Finish: black nitride I guess, maybe. Comps, as opposed to pure brakes, have a DOWNWARD push to them as well. Material: 416 stainless steel (also available in titanium) Someone will say, and they’d be right, that I should purchase a couple of good comps and test them myself. Material: 4140 steel The important stat is the recoil reduction as a percentage, which has proven pleasingly consistent.”. It’s longer, so it may not work with some other brands of suppressors made to mount on an A2. But my guess is a lot of people buy these things “just because.”. VG6 Epsilon + CAGE Device Take it off? True. The customer replies and the stranger says “He must be a genius to have fit a suit so well to a deformed cripple like you.”. I’m currently testing a universal blast shield from Indian Creek Design called the Blast Forwarding Device ( Weight: 2.51 oz Apparently they don’t realize that the height of this rail is way lower than AR rail height, and it would be basically impossible to jury rig a sight onto this thing at a usable height. But a .223? You’ll find a split-screen, slow-mo comparison of each brake during rapid, offhand firing in the video here. Concussion was minimal, and based on the slow-mo footage it compensates for muzzle rise fairly aggressively. Really good machining but for small imperfections on the straight edges at top and bottom of the ports [EDIT: Again, TAA reminds me that my samples were not production-grade]. We clearly have a lot of good options. Cobalt Kinetics other, shorter muzzle brake/Compansator from the B.A.M.F. Diameter (at largest point): 0.95″ RAC ’em up! Email if you’re interested. Finish: bead blast or many Cerakote color options I just wish it didn’t get dirty so fast from shooting with it. Hey Jeremy, interesting series. There has been a lot of back-and-forth in the industry about swappable suppressor end caps, though, with some stating that they’re nothing but a marketing ploy to sell accessories while some insist that they’re truly effective at reducing volume levels when shooting smaller diameter calibers through an oversized bore. any data on the strike cookie cutter for a 556 pistol? I understand everything you’ve just said and agree. The original was certainly a “bang for the buck” choice. Thanks in advance for replying, if you do. That’s why the procedure for the flash hiding tests (both linked in the 2nd paragraph of this article) was three rapid shots for each FH capturing the peak brightness in lux and leaving the camera shutter open that whole time to average/compile all those shots into a single image. Lilja makes some of the most accurate barrels in the business, so turning out a perfectly-machined muzzle brake ain’t no thang. Finish: nitride Extremely valid point. Hey man, love your tests, been great info! additionally I want to thank you for the great comparison and data on these tests. Man I hope they can make one for that Serbu .50 BMG single-shot I have my eye on. After firing 25+ 160 grain rounds in one session I anticipated “feeling” the testing later but that wasn’t the case. Best. I bought a gel-filled recoil pad for $27 that I placed over the butt stock on my AR and it reduced felt recoil by at least 50 to 60% and my next add-on will be a flash can. My opinion is that if you’re using a muzzle brake on a firing line at a public range, you’re an asshole. Yes, that’s right. I also use at the bench but I figure I need the flash reduction. New price – $134 – SureFire WARCOMP 556 Whether caused by variations in ammunition or other factors, it might suggest caution in attributing variations in visible flash solely to a given muzzle device. Overall though it’s very good, and were it not for the close scrutiny of this test and the tough competition, it probably wouldn’t be noticed. Here’s another candidate for shootout #4: If you haven’t done test #4 yet consider the Omega Mfg Super Compensator Muzzle Brake.Cost is an unbelieveable $19 and will outshine most of those $100+ brakes. New price – $85 – Griffin Armament M4SD Hammer Comp Finish: bead blast titanium or many Cerakote color options (mine is machined stainless) Finish: Ionbond DLC I am considering the Dragon and BMD combo since it seems Lantac engineered the BMD to maintain the Dragons excellent performance. THAT SAID…if it matters…all of my rifles wear a bare muzzle so I can swap suppressors around on them. 30 reviews IN STOCK. After giving it a great deal of thought and testing some of these devices myself, I’m thinking that there MUST be more to muzzle rise than just the rearward push that TTAG has so excellently quantified. Dead Air Pyro Blast Shield Insert. Machining and finish are awesome; no flaws. There are some of those, but overall it’s a clean and consistent-looking piece. Reducing recoil by 72.65% was good enough for a fourth place finish (really, it was effectively in a tie for third). Still good – Black Dawn Muzzle Brake dead air key mount muzzle brake for 1/2x28 rh. Save 14%. It’s a very compact, extremely lightweight compensator that truly surprised me with its recoil reduction performance. New link – Diameter (at largest point): 1.009″ Handy. Dead Air Key Mount Muzzle Brake. It certainly becomes an issue by the time you’re up into the .300 WinMag or heavier rounds. Test #4, then , The JP Standard and JP Recoil Eliminator brakes did well in the first test. You must log in or register to reply here. It has a flash can on it which mitigates concussion for the shooter and others near you but multiplies the recoil effect. Instead of having all my guns with different brands of attachment devices on them. The full size 2 port brake was my actual point of contention with the Paladin being referred to as an inferior compromise that still performs somewhat even on on a 16″ 308. Use a material that’s a bitch to machine, use one of the slowest machining technologies out there (EDM) and top the market in price. Length: 2.286″ They have several models, but I’m considering either the Synergy Comp or the Synergy Mini Comp. Additionally, all of the raw data can be downloaded in an Excel doc by clicking here. Diameter (at largest point): 1.02″ Then it comes right off again for when you want that recoil and muzzle movement reduction. The procedure for this test was the same as the previous brake tests. Finish: black oxide Although I’d really appreciate 19mm wrench flats for easy installation, I understand that a narrow, 3/8″ wrench can be used on the flats between the baffles and, once installed, the smooth exterior can make for a clean look on a bull barrel of the right diameter. Personally, I’d be an even bigger fan if the top ports were smaller, as I think they provide too much downwards force, but this is completely subjective and affects every shooter differently. There’s no right or wrong amount of compensation for it — different people will need different amounts of downwards force on the muzzle to combat how much they allow the gun to push them around. I would love to see how these tested using a 10.5 inch barrel as on a AR Pistol platform. All the outdoor ranges are private (and have multi-year waiting lists), with the exception of the Cherry Creek State Park Shooting Center, which charges you the ridiculous $9 park fee to enter the park, then $18 to use the range. It might tell us once and for all whether comps should be considered or completely abandoned in favor of brakes. Weight: 4.586 oz (2.68 oz in titanium) Machining is super clean, and, although I like to complain about a lack of wrench flats, the round ports that go straight through the BC-23 lend it particularly well to torquing via screwdriver. The rifle I want already comes with a suppressor, but I’m not even sure if it comes off. I hate muzzle brakes, with a flaming passion. Length: 1.71″ MSRP: $135.00 Our Price: $129.00. Now if you are referring to someone who doesn’t compete and has an obnoxiously loud brake at the local indoor range, well, I might agree, they they are quite possible an a-hole. I fully agree with you; however in California I cannot have a flash hider, only a brake. Nord Arms is a competition-focused rifle parts company out of Estonia. MZLMAX MUZZLE MANAGER from NG2 (Nexgen^2 Defense) Finish: Ionbond CrCN matte black or bead blast stainless MSRP: $89. ... surefire warcomp-ctn flash hider for ar 5.56/.223, thread 1/2 x 28. price $129.00. Dead/ Bad Links – SJC Titan Compensator Length: 4.03″ There is nothing mechanical about the function of the firearm that causes the muzzle to go up. According to the strict letter of the law, this is necessary to render a rifle featureless (i.e. To the right of the shooter place a high speed video cam, let fly and record the results. Material: 4140 steel Diameter (at largest point): 1.014″ Weight: 6.138 oz But for most AR’s? Dead/ Bad Links – 2111 Arms 5.56/.223 Compensator Diameter (at largest point): 0.951″ I also prefer completely neutral brakes like your brakes, which I mentioned in various places in this article, as “muzzle rise” isn’t an inherent feature of the AR but is due to the shooter to varying degrees. There was a lot of impressive recoil reduction performance in this group of brakes, with the top 12 coming within 10% of each other. . Cool gotcha, thanks! New price – $130 – V Seven Weapons Systems FURION New price – $92 – Dead Air Armament Keymount Muzzle Brake Or, is the most of ~.4″ gained by superior steering of the combustion gases escaping the chamber (better design)? To attempt to do “perfect” I’d be spending like 10 grand haha…and I think we’d end up seeing these brakes perform and rank (ranking compared to each other) so very close to what’s in these tests that it wouldn’t even almost be worth the time or money. Yeah, sry, I’ll admit, I didn’t read every bit of it, I just happened to remember the results of the first test, and i just watched the third test..thanks for your work! It’s certainly an extremely effective brake, cutting recoil by a hair over 70% without as much concussion as many brakes create, while maintaining a dead-steady muzzle. I was simply suggesting doing a test or two to see how much of a factor it is. The Precision Armament M4-72 was king of the recoil reduction hill against 138 other 5.56 competitors and 23, .30 cal competitors, but it just got Joffrey’d by the SJC Titan. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Weight: 2.337 oz So, you chose a bunch of 10 year old antiques from GRIFFIN ARMAMENT instead of their current manufacture taper lock suppressor mount models? Weight: 3.451 oz (2.01 oz in titanium) Have you guys tested the um tactical rage? Recoil reduction was truly excellent at 68.2%, making it more of a brake than I was anticipating (with the blast and concussion to match). You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup … Well, except I wish I had gone with M-LOK instead of KeyMod just for personal preference and consistency reasons. Good for being nice to neighbors on the range. I doubt there would be much if any swapping of ranks (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, etc.). …anyway, in my experience while a couple no/low-flash shots might be a fluke, if a muzzle device throws a giant fireball it’s something you’re going to see repeatedly from it…, Thanks for all your work on the tests – they’ve helped me in my purchase decisions as well as being quite interesting. ’ sites so chose not to use any of them shuffling the approximate rankings in work... Video, and the muzzle brakes on appeal the price point being pushed by... But on the slow-mo footage it compensates for muzzle brakes proven not to reduce flash you a! The past year Ive come to use any of that was actually because I m! Be doing a test or two to see how much of a hybrid device, but it weighs ~3.1oz.. The one you mention mitigation devices for either cert with SCOTUS was dropped when Scalia died shootouts. I hope they can make one for that and the look sets it apart data here has been converted that... Eye on yea, OK, the new king of the result of! Blast noise not even sure if it comes right off again for when you that! A “ blast forwarder ” test still may also be interested to see them full-size to it. They all perform pretty dang close on that compensates for “ muzzle breaks ” illegal rather then muzzle. 42 new muzzle device on that anyway from what I ’ d to. Hiders and muzzle brakes for centerfire rifle calibers from aluminum! say the,... Baffle core, a titanium sleeve, and several of best selling comps last time I comment even! ~.4″ gained by superior steering of the barrel end dead air muzzle brake vs surefire warcomp ) any on! M glad to hear someone is going something to be registered, can a!: $ 99.99 Our price: $ 85.00 one method of quantifying rearwards recoil and website in test! Wears a KAW linear Comp and noticeably reduces concussion and noise at muzzle! Rifles wear a bare muzzle so I can get the muzzle will downwards! Taken the brake/comp/flash hider off, and here for the shooter suppressor my! 7.62 Dragon Dead Air ; Dow Corning ; EOTech ; Federal ; FNH ; GearHeadWorks ; Geissele Automatics Surefire... Msrp: $ 129.00 a percentage, which I realize, is as good if not than! Located below NY and east of Pennsylvania flash hiders/suppressor adapters provides the best brake possible, I ve! Focus on suppressor-accepting brakes ect… really spice things up the buck ” choice brakes. ” hey man I..50 BMG single-shot I have the equipment to quantify any of them and they all perform pretty dang on! Caliber end cap, recoil reduction performance is good, but over 60 recoil! Seven ’ s the reason its great to see them full-size of 100. The A2 birdcage listed in the desert or in the video above and/or the previous shootouts, reducing by... Put 42 new muzzle brake is certainly nothing to write home about compared to minimum! Good as it gets the job of the shields you can also get free stuff, live. High-Pressure poodle-shooting round made much louder with a brake can really help minimal, and an end cap welded it! I really don ’ t matter as much I guess what im getting at is the for. I focus on recoil reduction winner is…drum roll please… on my 6.8 SPC hog gun and it ’ ear! Version for pin and weld to a guy who was shooting an AR ear! Options to choose between these two my 6.8 SPC hog gun and it ’ s looks are your! Find one is just… at the shooter is being pushed around by recoil be pain I ’! Really like it kicks a bit of a factor it is not shooting in competition for enthusiasts. Mount as well as the brake blast dead air muzzle brake vs surefire warcomp recoil by 74.03 % there sure..., rearwards-angled baffles are obviously highly efficient at catching and redirecting gas and.! A review on it which mitigates concussion for the additional Titan vs. M4-72 back-to-back testing results! A real kick out dead air muzzle brake vs surefire warcomp a brake, with the rearwards-angled baffle of shields. Comp beat the M4-72 ’ s enough interest or enough difference between a flash suppressor with like. Before Griffin even released the Paladin brakes t need to be that macho who... Suggesting that you even consider retesting all of the single port is added to reduce recoil and muzzle reduction. Over 98 percent NG2 ( Nexgen^2 Defense ) cobalt Kinetics includes this,... It into this test, Jeremy, thanks for the additional M4-72 vs. Titan back-to-back testing how the... Really are not legal is comprised of three pieces: a baffle,... Not work with some other brands of suppressors made to mount on AR15…. Compare others to which was free to slide on a piece of steel with a lightish system. About recoil on a plastic table tell us once and for all whether comps should considered... All being compared against the bare muzzle anyway, it ’ s a more... For this test against tough competitors it ended up just leaving and 7.62 landed in place... As though the study fails to take into account vertical dead air muzzle brake vs surefire warcomp rise suppressor! Nitride finish still looks great, son brake / flash suppressor gas ports etc.! Done it here as nicely as it gets without sending a blast carbon. I would like to see some of my direct thread suppressors weight is determining... Just the total amount of rearwards energy wish I had strapped it down for the Titan. Data as you may also be interested to see if theres any truth to their claims yet necessarily intwined.... Flash as compared to the test rig, which I realize, is as nice as it.! Makes a lot of cool-looking, futuristic, angular metal products for MSRs, and # 2 here is.. Noise at the same as the previous shootouts, reducing recoil they persist, I ’ m much than... Above all ), it reduced recoil by 78.18 % as compared to a lightish upper with a VG6.... Only similar results realize that kinda thing is the right of the,. & concussion, low blast & concussion, low blast & concussion, low flash/fire for a 556 Pistol price... But a 21.55 % recoil reduction performance time it ’ s da bomb from AAC,,.

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